My Family TV provides 24/7, family-friendly programming to television broadcast stations.  The content includes programming from an ever-expanding library owned by My Family TV comprised of over 900 films, series and titles.  In addition to the existing library, new shows and content are being added weekly including: Extreme sports and the great outdoors, Reality shows, Fitness, Home Improvement, Kid’s entertainment, Classic TV Programs, Hollywood Movies and more.

About My Family TV

My Family TV operates as a television network delivered to local broadcast stations via satellite uplink.  Additionally, My Family TV will be expanding via new media to include mobile devices and streaming Internet connectivity. 

Different than most television networks, My Family TV delivers PG & G rated content, eliminating many roadblocks that broadcast companies face relative to diverse viewing audiences. 

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My Family TV is associated with a full production studio and also owns an extensive content library that can be licensed separately under contractual arrangement.  Through these and other affiliations, My Family TV is growing at a phenomenal pace and is already available in major markets including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Tampa, Phoenix, and Charlotte.

about My Family TV

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